I teach a variety of courses, mostly first-year and upper level writing courses as well as Introduction to Film, which I consistently teach as an online course.

In all of my courses, I employ a labor-based contract grading system, which allows students to see the requirements for a given grade level (usually A-D) and then decide which grade they want to pursue over the course of the semester. I find that this grading approach alleviates pressure for both students and me, as the requirements are clear while allowing students space to experiment and try new things without being unnecessarily punished for taking risks. I believe this is especially important in a writing class.

See below for links to some of the courses I have taught:

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

ENGL 1113: Composition I

ENGL 1213: Composition II

Upper-level courses

Miami University

Other blogs I have created

  • “The SWOSU Writing Center Blog”  deals with topics concerning my responsibilities as Writing Center Coordinator at SWOSU. The posts are geared toward center consultants, clients, and students enrolled in the ENGL 4013: “Peer Tutoring Seminar.”
  • “Excavating the Essay” is not a course blog; rather, it is a blog I created to complement a presentation I gave at the Oklahoma City Regional Curriculum Conference in June 2010. This blog was created with high school English and Language Arts teachers in mind, but you might find something you like, too.

To view descriptions of all the courses I have taught, please see below or click here to view on Scribd:

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