An Idea

I recently became obsessed with Pinterest, mostly due to my developing interest in fashion/style and design sites. I love capturing an inspirational (or aspirational) image and collecting it on one of my many boards. For some reason, collecting all of these images, quotes, videos, recipes, and DIY ideas make me feel as though I could... Continue Reading →


I've been meaning to use Wordle to create a word cloud representation of my dissertation; here it is, finally (click on the image to go to a larger version of the cloud). And here's what the cloud looks like for this blog: Interesting, yes?

A new chapter one

New title: essaying (processing?) invention studies: an introduction. Focus on defining invention, including process in def. Relating to post-process movement; quick history of invention studies and an extended focus on topos since it's a crucial part of my argument later... Also: turn interchapters into process essay broken up like headnotes D'Agata writes in Next American... Continue Reading →

Maps and Mirrors

I keep thinking that the essay as a genre is more like a mirror that is inserted into this map of invention studies (certainly a flawed metaphor, but work with me here). So my question is, what is the relationship between maps and mirrors? --Map as mirror of real world? This link might be interesting.... Continue Reading →

Invention Map

The first two chapters of my dissertation focus on place as a topos for invention studies; basically, I think that place has been a crucial organizing feature of the ways we've approached rhetorical invention theories and strategies in Comp/Rhet. We think of invention as occurring in or out--of the writer's mind, of generic conventions, of... Continue Reading →

An introduction attempt

Chapter two has become my "quick and dirty history to invention" chapter. It's weird to think about this as a book, with chapters that should connect and all. I'm not sure how an introduction to a second chapter that really is a continuation of the first chapter should look: do I need to "hook" to... Continue Reading →

A thought

When Young, Becker, and Pike suggest that provisional writing might be more persuasive to readers than dogmatic writing, they say provisional writing "focuses on the process of inquiry itself and acknowledges the tentative nature of conclusions" (Rhetoric: Discovery and Change, 207). That sounds awful essayistic to me. . .process as a topos anybody? Just sayin'.

I like this

A quote from James Miller's "Everyman with a Blue Guitar: Imagination, Creativity, Language": "There is an intractable, impenetrable, flowing, and infinite world of reality that presses in on the senses, which the imagination then shapes into a tractable, penetrable, comprehensible reality structured by the strumming on the blue guitar-that is, in art, in language. This... Continue Reading →

A quick link

I was unfamiliar with Wallace Stevens' poem "Man with the Blue Guitar" until I read James Miller's article "Everyman with a Blue Guitar: Imagination, Creativity, Language" in Landmark Essays in Rhetorical Invention in Writing. Interesting. I'll just post a link and leave it at that.

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