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So. I received an email regarding my book proposal last night at midnight. When I realized what the email was about, I debated whether or not to open it, as I was getting ready to go to bed after a long (productive) day of discussing writing centers with folks from institutions across Oklahoma. I decided... Continue Reading →


Another academic year has finished, and now it's on to summer! I submitted my book proposal to SWR yesterday, which was about 8 months overdue, but it's difficult to fit in publishing/scholarship concerns during the school year. I received an email from the series editor, who said my proposal has been forwarded to some reviewers;... Continue Reading →


I've been meaning to use Wordle to create a word cloud representation of my dissertation; here it is, finally (click on the image to go to a larger version of the cloud). And here's what the cloud looks like for this blog: Interesting, yes?

For the record

I successfully defended my dissertation on June 22 (yay), I made the appropriate revisions and submitted the diss to Ohiolink (where it will live happily ever after with all the other theses and dissertations written at Ohio universities) (double yay), I am in the throes of planning my courses for SWOSU (triple yay), and Dave and... Continue Reading →

And then. . .

Well. I have drafted chapters 1-4, we have settled on a defense date (June 22), and I am currently working through the inter-chapters (minimum of 3, perhaps as many as 5 if I can work it out). All in a day's--er, about two years'--work. Right?

A new chapter one

New title: essaying (processing?) invention studies: an introduction. Focus on defining invention, including process in def. Relating to post-process movement; quick history of invention studies and an extended focus on topos since it's a crucial part of my argument later... Also: turn interchapters into process essay broken up like headnotes D'Agata writes in Next American... Continue Reading →


Need to play with the double meaning of generic-- as genre-based and as thinking about the essay as a kind of "generic" genre in comp.


So the job search can be depressing at times, but more importantly, it is a huge timesuck. Which is why I've not been blogging regularly. Of course, severe writer's block might also have something to do with it. After having a long conversation with my  director last night, I know I need to MAJORLY rethink the direction... Continue Reading →

Idea for new chapter outlines

I really appreciate having the opportunity to share my work, and I was able to do that last Thursday thanks to the Dissertation Fellows Conference: those of us given a dissertation fellowship for the 08-09 school year were required to provide a 20-25 page excerpt and then give a 15-20 minute talk  based on the work we've... Continue Reading →

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