Blendkit Week 2 deliverables

They're rough, but here they are. For the record, I decided to work with a different course. I started with ENG 1113: Comp I, but I've decided to focus on ENG 1213: Comp II instead, because I'll be teaching it next semester. I'll be able to implement these ideas sooner. As always, there's more work... Continue Reading →

Blendkit Week 1 DIY projects

I've finally had the opportunity to complete the DIY activities for Blendkit Week One. The activities for this week involved creating a Course Blueprint in which I identified course goals, performance objectives, and learning outcomes, and how different assignments fit into the learning objectives for "modules" within the course.  I also created a "Mix Map"... Continue Reading →

#Blendkit2012: week one

I am participating in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) out of the University of Central Florida for the next 5 weeks: the course is Blendkit2012, and the focus is blended learning. (This is actually the second MOOC I've participated in, the first being a "Power Searching With Google" course I completed this past summer).... Continue Reading →

An Idea

I recently became obsessed with Pinterest, mostly due to my developing interest in fashion/style and design sites. I love capturing an inspirational (or aspirational) image and collecting it on one of my many boards. For some reason, collecting all of these images, quotes, videos, recipes, and DIY ideas make me feel as though I could... Continue Reading →

So it’s been a while. . .

The C&W conference was great--I feel invigorated as a teacher and researcher, even if I'm still recuperating physically (there was always something happening during my few days in Ann Arbor). I got to attend some interesting and thought-provoking panels, mini-workshops, and roundtables. My head is swimming with new ideas, such as using Megazine with my... Continue Reading →

And away I go

I will be heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the Computers and Writing Conference tomorrow afternoon. I'll be there until Sunday, and I'll present on Saturday morning. This is my first time going to C&W, and I'm a little nervous--I decided to do a "conversation starter" presentation, which is a little different from typical conference... Continue Reading →


for those of us interested in "new media" or "computers and writing," computers and composition," whatever you want to call it. . . From Frank D'Angelo's textbook Process and Thought in Composition (1977, 1980). The first line of the first section ("The Importance of Writing") of the first chapter ("Preliminary Considerations"): "Despite the claims of... Continue Reading →

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