Spring semester notes

It's been a crazy busy semester this spring, and I'm in the middle of final grading right now...which explains why I'm posting, right? Some spring semester notes (teaching related primarily, but also a bit of a hodge-podge): Never, ever, ever will I ever agree to multiple independent studies in the same semester; I ended up... Continue Reading →

New year. . .

New semester. So far, so good, it seems. I don't feel too overwhelmed or out of place--yet--which means I'm already starting to see an improvement from my situation at the beginning of last semester. That being said, the grading hasn't really started yet, so we'll see how things go in about 3 weeks. Gulp. So... Continue Reading →

I need

to get out of this writing funk. Everything was progressing along and then. . .BAM. Chapters 1-3 are drafted, I have 2 inter-chapters kinda drafted and ideas for the other 2. . .but chapter 4 looms over me. I just. can't. do. it. Can't bring myself to write anything. It's like I'm overwhelmed by choices... Continue Reading →

Bad idea?

I'm starting to wonder if keeping a blog as part of my dissertation was a bad idea. I have lazy tendencies when it comes to writing regularly. I thought keeping a blog might help counteract that fact; instead, my Catholic guilt bubbles over in multiple writing sites. . . My husband and I saw Julie... Continue Reading →


EXACTLY have I been doing with my time? I mean, really. I'm all up on current events thanks to Google Reader, but I do not have a chapter draft, which was supposed to go to Kate on April 1. Ack. I'm refusing to draft it, I think, because I already know I won't like the... Continue Reading →

33 pages

Really, 33 1/8 pages written, all for chapter 2 the "place of place in invention studies" chapter, which could potentially be a monster-long one. I'm starting to think that the section about Bizzell and LeFevre (Inventing a Place for Myself) might end up being introduction material. Nothing wrong with that, right? Of course, I still... Continue Reading →

Another day

Another article I need to find: "The Rhetoric of Circumstance in Autobiography" by Andrew Kaplan in Rhetorica Feb 1992, Vol. 10, No. 1: 71–98. I have to buy it to view it online. D'oh. Or I can read it for free here in the library. Damnit. So what have I done over the past week?... Continue Reading →

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