#Blendkit2012: week one

I am participating in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) out of the University of Central Florida for the next 5 weeks: the course is Blendkit2012, and the focus is blended learning. (This is actually the second MOOC I've participated in, the first being a "Power Searching With Google" course I completed this past summer).... Continue Reading →

A book

I really need to read this: First We Read, then We Write: Emerson on the Creative Process by Robert D. Richardson. Unfortunately, Miami doesn't have a copy yet (it came out in Feb.) and there appears to be one copy on Ohiolink that is not yet available because it's not in the library's system just... Continue Reading →

Initial observations from the 225 surveys

12/16 (17) students filled out survey-approximately 1/3 left at least one question blank, and the questions left blank most often were the definitions. Most people took it because it was required by their major/program; 1 person took it on the recommendation of a pre-law adviser; a few people took it to develop their writing skills... Continue Reading →

What I need to read

to develop the LeFevre section a bit more: Plato's Phaedrus Elbert W. Harrington Rhetoric and the Scientific Method of Inquiry: A Study of Invention (Boulder: U Colorado P, 1948). . .thank you Ohio-link The 1971 Speech Communication Association's Report of the Committee on the  Nature of  Rhetorical Invention. . in Bitzer and Black's The Prospect... Continue Reading →

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