2019 CCCC presentation

Unfortunately, I cannot attend CCCC in person this year for health reasons, as I recently discovered I have thoracic arthritis in my back and am currently dealing with pain management. However,  I recorded my talk (which would have been part of the panel E.30: Speaking Against Silence in Online Spaces) to share with anyone who... Continue Reading →


Another academic year has finished, and now it's on to summer! I submitted my book proposal to SWR yesterday, which was about 8 months overdue, but it's difficult to fit in publishing/scholarship concerns during the school year. I received an email from the series editor, who said my proposal has been forwarded to some reviewers;... Continue Reading →

4C’s presentation

Here's the proposal I submitted to Cs: Essaying (a) Place in Invention Studies This presentation identifies the topos of place as integral to theoretical discussions of invention and prewriting processes in order to reconsider the ways in which composition teachers discuss invention and prewriting strategies with students. Historically, invention and prewriting theorists such as Patricia... Continue Reading →

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