First Meeting

The following narrative was written in response to a prompt I gave my creative nonfiction students: Develop a scene that describes an important event in your life. The catch? The event you choose has to be less than 5 minutes long, and the scene should be no longer than 700 words. For the record, I... Continue Reading →

In a holding pattern

So it's almost July, and I'm trying to gauge just how productive I've been this summer; as I told a colleague yesterday, this summer has been about the 3 "R"s for me--reading, writing, and redecorating the house. I've been doing things here and there, but I don't really feel like I've totally finished any huge... Continue Reading →

Life in Oklahoma

Just because I like this whole "slideshow" option in WordPress, I thought I'd post some random pics I've taken of things unique to this region: I've included (not necessarily in this order) a working oil well next to a McDonald's in Oklahoma City; a gas well (which is much smaller than the huge oil wells... Continue Reading →

Here’s to hoping I have green thumbs

So Dave and I decided to plant a vegetable garden this summer: I have very little experience with growing anything, really. My parents always had landscapers growing up, and though mom did start growing peppers and tomatoes on the deck a few years ago, I was already out of the house, so I wasn't around... Continue Reading →

So it’s been a while. . .

The C&W conference was great--I feel invigorated as a teacher and researcher, even if I'm still recuperating physically (there was always something happening during my few days in Ann Arbor). I got to attend some interesting and thought-provoking panels, mini-workshops, and roundtables. My head is swimming with new ideas, such as using Megazine with my... Continue Reading →

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