2019 CCCC presentation

Unfortunately, I cannot attend CCCC in person this year for health reasons, as I recently discovered I have thoracic arthritis in my back and am currently dealing with pain management. However,  I recorded my talk (which would have been part of the panel E.30: Speaking Against Silence in Online Spaces) to share with anyone who... Continue Reading →

Watson 2018 Presentation

You can find the slides for my Watson 2018 presentation here: https://slides.com/deniselandrum-geyer/deck-4   You can also download the presentation and speaker notes as a pdf file here: Watson 2018 presentation

Adapting LEM Design Patterns

I decided to work with Renae's "Improvement of Reading Classroom" pattern, as I often teach "Fundamentals of English," which is our basic writing course, and I think the pattern she uses could be adapted nicely for the Fundamentals classroom. Here's the original pattern from Renae: Here's how I modified the pattern for a face-to-face Fundamentals... Continue Reading →

Using LEM Design Patterns

I decided to focus on a typical writing project module in a face-to-face writing classroom for my environment, since that's what and where I usually teach. I was inspired by the "Blended Learning--Flipped Classroom Pattern" and the "Build On It Term Paper Pattern" from the LEM library (see images below for reference). In addition, I've identified... Continue Reading →

My Re-designed LEM

Here is my re-designed LEM based on the feedback I received from my peers. You can see original attempts at this model here and here. As a reminder, I am working on a short learning activity for an online creative nonfiction II course I am developing. I've taught the course in face-to-face format previously, so... Continue Reading →

Identifying Opportunities for Using LEM

I've decided to divide this post into the different responsibilities I have both professionally and personally. As a faculty member who teaches, I could use LEM in the following ways: to develop new classes in both online and face-to-face formats; to transition an existing class into a new environment (from face-to-face to online or vice... Continue Reading →

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