Watson 2018 Presentation

You can find the slides for my Watson 2018 presentation here: https://slides.com/deniselandrum-geyer/deck-4   You can also download the presentation and speaker notes as a pdf file here: Watson 2018 presentation

6-word memoir

On the first day of my creative nonfiction class, we composed a 6-word memoir as a way of introducing ourselves to each other. First, we looked at examples of the genre: click here to visit Smith magazine’s 6-word memoir page (which is a separate page from the 6-word stories site (a la Hemingway)). And check... Continue Reading →

So. . .

it's been awhile. I am a bad graduate student. Or maybe I'm typical. Either way, NO PROGRESS.  D'oh.  What have I been doing? Teaching last semester: ENG 225 was great, ENG 111 I'm not sure of. Hopefully, my thoughts and feelings about 225 will be reflected in the surveys that were distributed and some of... Continue Reading →


As I was driving to Louisville this afternoon, I got a call from one of my friends in Lexington. She called to tell me that Mary was gone. Mary Lafleur was my colleague and deskmate at the University of Kentucky for almost 2 years. We both entered the MA program in 2002, though her focus was... Continue Reading →

A Memory

  I originally jotted this entry down in November, 2006; ever since then, I see Appalachia in southwestern Ohio whenever I stop living inside my head and start looking at the window. . . I remembered something today. I was driving though the cornfields of Ohio, up and down small hills, looking for the state... Continue Reading →

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