Writing, writing, writing

I talk about it. I read about it. I teach it. I'm happy when I've done it. I just don't have time to do it very often. With all that in mind and in one of my more active, go-get-'em moments (which I will curse later), I've decided to join in with the #DigiWriMo and... Continue Reading →

Blendkit week 3: Blended Assessments of Learning

The Blendkit readings focus on assessment this week, and the question of when, why and how instructors will use online and face-to-face assessment strategies. Much of the text focused on discussions of quizzes/exams and the ways in which instructors might use online options for quizzes/exams. When it comes to teaching composition, I don't really use... Continue Reading →

An Idea

I recently became obsessed with Pinterest, mostly due to my developing interest in fashion/style and design sites. I love capturing an inspirational (or aspirational) image and collecting it on one of my many boards. For some reason, collecting all of these images, quotes, videos, recipes, and DIY ideas make me feel as though I could... Continue Reading →

The greatest invention in the world?

As an icebreaker in my comp II class this semester, I asked students what they considered the greatest invention in the history of the world. I was inspired by  this guy, who believes the greatest invention is writing, which I discussed with students after we shared our answers with each other. My answer to the... Continue Reading →

6-word memoir

On the first day of my creative nonfiction class, we composed a 6-word memoir as a way of introducing ourselves to each other. First, we looked at examples of the genre: click here to visit Smith magazine’s 6-word memoir page (which is a separate page from the 6-word stories site (a la Hemingway)). And check... Continue Reading →


I'm teaching a creative nonfiction workshop this semester, which excites me and makes me nervous. This is the first upper-level course I've taught at my current university, and it is populated mostly with graduating seniors, who, though good students, are more focused on getting the heck out of here than on the intricacies of my... Continue Reading →


I've been meaning to use Wordle to create a word cloud representation of my dissertation; here it is, finally (click on the image to go to a larger version of the cloud). And here's what the cloud looks like for this blog: Interesting, yes?

So it’s been a while. . .

The C&W conference was great--I feel invigorated as a teacher and researcher, even if I'm still recuperating physically (there was always something happening during my few days in Ann Arbor). I got to attend some interesting and thought-provoking panels, mini-workshops, and roundtables. My head is swimming with new ideas, such as using Megazine with my... Continue Reading →

On essaying and commonplacing

For a long time, the title of this blog was "Academic?" The question mark revealed a simultaneously  serious and tongue-in-cheek interrogation of my"life choice" to pursue a career in academia. I questioned whether or not the material I wrote (here and in my dissertation) was "academic" enough, while also questioning whether or not I was... Continue Reading →

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