After a long absence

Something I've learned today: hyperbaton=figure of speech which involves separating words that naturally belong together for emphasis. metalepsis=figure of speech which chains together references from other figures of speech or references a part of a figure of speech to make a point. catachresis= can be either intentional or unintentional use of word that is radically different... Continue Reading →

4C’s presentation

Here's the proposal I submitted to Cs: Essaying (a) Place in Invention Studies This presentation identifies the topos of place as integral to theoretical discussions of invention and prewriting processes in order to reconsider the ways in which composition teachers discuss invention and prewriting strategies with students. Historically, invention and prewriting theorists such as Patricia... Continue Reading →


for those of us interested in "new media" or "computers and writing," computers and composition," whatever you want to call it. . . From Frank D'Angelo's textbook Process and Thought in Composition (1977, 1980). The first line of the first section ("The Importance of Writing") of the first chapter ("Preliminary Considerations"): "Despite the claims of... Continue Reading →

Once again. . .

I disappeared for a while. In the meantime, though, I did send my dissertation director 19 pages of a chapter, which she read and responded to in a conference with me yesterday. The chapter should end up being twice as long as it is now. . .I need to complicate the designations on which I... Continue Reading →

Day Two

I am in the second day of my written comprehensive exam. The written exam at Miami involves me choosing one question from a list generated by my exam committee and writing a 15-25 page essay in response to that question based on my special topic reading list (which I created). I have a week to... Continue Reading →

A New Word

"Teachnique." I misspelled technique when I was taking notes, but I like the word. Teachnique. . .it seems to be what I do as a teacher. I use teachniques.

Just a little experiment

After reading Mary Daly's Wickedary in a Women's Rhetoric(s) seminar last semester, I was struck by a missing entry. Some background: I am a transcendental meditator:  for those of you unfamiliar with transcendental meditation (TM), the most recognizable name to connect with TM is the Beatles. When the Beatles went to India to study under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, they were... Continue Reading →

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