Another academic year has finished, and now it’s on to summer! I submitted my book proposal to SWR yesterday, which was about 8 months overdue, but it’s difficult to fit in publishing/scholarship concerns during the school year. I received an email from the series editor, who said my proposal has been forwarded to some reviewers; I should hear back in about 8 weeks (give or take, since it’s summer). Fingers crossed on this one…I made some radical changes (in my mind, at least)  to the structure of the text, and I’m a little concerned that my sample chapter might seem too short now because of it, but the entire proposal (including sample chapter and bibliography for the book) had to be 10,000 words or less, so I had to do something to stay within the guidelines. We shall see how it goes.

Otherwise, I need to get cracking on a couple of articles this summer: I plan on turning my CCCC talk from this year into an article, which I hope to submit to Writing on the Edge. I also hope to revisit my MA thesis (finally), and finish the article draft I started many, many moons ago: it’s about incorporating feminist ethics into  creative nonfiction work, especially when writing about other people, and given current conversations about “truth” and “truthiness” happening in nonfiction circles, I think the time could be right for my ideas to go out into the world. I hope.

I hope to spend the rest of my time this summer gardening, reading, decorating/revamping the house, and maybe taking a few trips with the husband. And blogging more. That’d be good.

We leave for Vegas/California next Wednesday: we’re heading west for a week, which will allow me to meet part of Dave’s family for the first time. They live in Bakersfield, CA, and we just haven’t made it out there yet. I’m looking forward to the trip, and it will be my first time in Las Vegas, so bonus!

Now to be productive somewhere else. I just need to keep myself in a good routine this summer to be as productive as possible. Here’s to hoping.

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