Life in Oklahoma

Just because I like this whole “slideshow” option in WordPress, I thought I’d post some random pics I’ve taken of things unique to this region: I’ve included (not necessarily in this order) a working oil well next to a McDonald’s in Oklahoma City; a gas well (which is much smaller than the huge oil wells that pump up and down, and this well in particular is one that Dave and his dad own interest in); a rig on top of a gas well that is being plugged (closed off) and the accompanying pipe coming out of the well; a section of the windmill farm just outside of Weatherford (and visible from I-40); some shots of some windmill parts being transported down the interstate to show you just how large these windmills are; a mound; and a classic western Oklahoma sunset with an oil rig in the foreground, which is the same image I use as the header for this blog.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and please ask questions about anything you see!

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