An Idea

I recently became obsessed with Pinterest, mostly due to my developing interest in fashion/style and design sites. I love capturing an inspirational (or aspirational) image and collecting it on one of my many boards. For some reason, collecting all of these images, quotes, videos, recipes, and DIY ideas make me feel as though I could actually accomplish each of the pins I choose to keep (which seems ridiculous to me as I type that statement). More importantly, though, my presence of Pinterest has brought me back around to the importance/necessity of commonplace books, especially in a culture that (I would argue) both consumes and produces so much so quickly.

I feel like there’s a presentation/article here: I know people have written previously about blogs as commonplace books or archives, but I feel as though this discussion needs to be revisited with the rise of microblogging services like Tumblr, Twitter, and, now, Pinterest. Hmmm. I need to think things through a bit more in order to avoid saying what everybody else has said and then ending with “plus, Pinterest!” I feel like that happens an awful lot in academic writing, for better or for worse…

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