So. . .

it’s been awhile. I am a bad graduate student. Or maybe I’m typical. Either way, NO PROGRESS.  D’oh.  What have I been doing?

  • Teaching last semester: ENG 225 was great, ENG 111 I’m not sure of. Hopefully, my thoughts and feelings about 225 will be reflected in the surveys that were distributed and some of my former students will be willing to sit with me for an interview. We’ll see.
  • Planning the wedding. Finally. Making progress, especially in the last two weeks or so. I tend to work in spurts: nothing for a while and then incredible productive in a short amount of time. Maybe that will bode well for the dissertation writing process. . . and part of the planning process involved hauling pygmy goats for our wedding cake baker. Like you do.
  • I did finish a draft of the article that was accepted in the Composing(Media)=Composing(Embodiment) collection. We’ll see what they think of it. I’m not sure yet: it’s either really good because it’s challenging accepted academic conventions of article writing or it’s crap. Always a fine line.
  • Now what? Time to set impossible goals: a chapter a month this semester.  .  .here’s to hoping.

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