What I need to read

to develop the LeFevre section a bit more:

  • Plato’s Phaedrus
  • Elbert W. Harrington Rhetoric and the Scientific Method of Inquiry: A Study of Invention (Boulder: U Colorado P, 1948). . .thank you Ohio-link
  • The 1971 Speech Communication Association’s Report of the Committee on the  Nature of  Rhetorical Invention. . in Bitzer and Black’s The Prospect of Rhetoric (1971).
  • Jean Piaget’s To Understand is to Invent (1976).
  • Lawrence Rosenfield’s “An Autopsy of the Rhetorical Tradition” in The Prospect of Rhetoric (Bitzer and Black, 1971)

And for chapter 1: “Paths Not Taken: Recovering History as Alternate Future.” Louise Weatherbee Phelps in History, Reflection, and Narrative: The Professionalization of Composition 1963-1983. Greenwood Press, 1996.

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