I am lucky enough to have a comp class this semester in which the students regularly push each other to be better writers and thinkers; I often just sit back and watch what happens. They're spoiling me, and I'm grateful for the experience. I'll stop being obnoxious now.

So that’s why I do it. . .

I love to teach. More specifically, I love to teach writing. Truly. Although it is work-intensive and tiring at times, I actually feel energized when I'm in the classroom. . .usually. Occasionally, though, I wonder if I'm any good at what I've chosen to do, especially when classes don't go as smoothly as I hoped.... Continue Reading →

Cell phone classroom policy

So this post from Barclay Barrios is something to keep in mind. His syllabus policy is this--"use cell phones responsibly or not at all." Given the multiple ways in which we all use our phones now--calendars, internet access, spell checkers, and so on--it does feel disingenuous of me to tell students to turn their phones... Continue Reading →

For the record. . .

I am still alive and kicking. This semester seems a bit easier to handle than last semester, though I'm still not handling all the grading well. I am the ultimate procrastinator when it comes to grading. . .it's not that I don't want to read and respond to the essay; I really enjoy seeing what... Continue Reading →

What to do?

I have a student. No surprise there. I actually have about 100 students this semester. But there's something else going on with this student: she seems so sad. All the time. At first, it seemed to be a mixture of hostility and sadness, and I felt like that hostility was directed toward me specifically. She... Continue Reading →

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