Another end-of-semester reflection and revision post

This post is mostly for me, so I apologize if it’s immensely confusing or boring!

Comp I thoughts:

  • Move “what I know” presentations to Comp I from Comp II and make them one of the 5 major projects. Maybe add presentations focused on introducing technologies in final sequence?
  • Keep personal essay as first paper.
  • I am undecided about sequence II: do I keep the place ethnography assignment or throw in an op-ed/review essay instead? Hmm. . .
  • Rework essay exam prep so that we have enough time to practice multiple prompts in class. Maybe give extra credit if students take a practice essay and polish it to turn in?
  • End with same sequence V prompt, but add writing collage option (from Comp II).
  • Keep journals, but do spot-checks on individual responses in-between journal checks.

Comp II thoughts:

  • Replace “what I knows” with reading discussion leaders? Or keep the “what I knows” with some tweaking–no more than 3 people in a group and spend time on how to present well?
  • Have students choose a topic before doing the interview write-up?
  • Keep annotated bib, but ask for cover letter instead of position paper and make third assignment.
  • Make position paper/rhetorical analysis second assignment.
  • End with creating a persuasive text.
  • Keep journals, but spot-check individual responses in between journals checks.

What to do with attendance policy? Maybe get rid of “lowering” after so many absences in favor of a “flat rate”–so many absences=automatic B, and so on.

Hmm. . .things to think about this summer.

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