is it so difficult to keep up with a blog? This blog seems like a good idea, especially for someone like myself who is currently in the throes of reading for comprehensive exams  and thinking about my dissertation: the archival features of blogs, combined with the flexibility of the space (informal or formal, all kinds of different writing possibilities), allows me to experiment with all kinds of ideas and (maybe, one day) get feedback from the great beyond.

Yet I find myself resisting the blog: is it performance anxiety? Fear of harsh criticism? A resistance to the not-so-latent narcissism that this form can encourage in some people? I’m already interested in writing about myself (damn the CNF personal essay tendencies), and the self-publishing aspect of a blog makes it even easier for me to put myself out there. . .

Maybe the problem lies in the self-discipline I’m trying to impose. I want to post entries regularly, to keep creating and writing for future uses, but if there’s nothing to say, why say anything? I’ve always been a better listener. . .and lurker.

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