2019 CCCC presentation

Unfortunately, I cannot attend CCCC in person this year for health reasons, as I recently discovered I have thoracic arthritis in my back and am currently dealing with pain management. However,  I recorded my talk (which would have been part of the panel E.30: Speaking Against Silence in Online Spaces) to share with anyone who... Continue Reading →

Watson 2018 Presentation

You can find the slides for my Watson 2018 presentation here: https://slides.com/deniselandrum-geyer/deck-4   You can also download the presentation and speaker notes as a pdf file here: Watson 2018 presentation

Adapting LEM Design Patterns

I decided to work with Renae's "Improvement of Reading Classroom" pattern, as I often teach "Fundamentals of English," which is our basic writing course, and I think the pattern she uses could be adapted nicely for the Fundamentals classroom. Here's the original pattern from Renae: Here's how I modified the pattern for a face-to-face Fundamentals... Continue Reading →

Using LEM Design Patterns

I decided to focus on a typical writing project module in a face-to-face writing classroom for my environment, since that's what and where I usually teach. I was inspired by the "Blended Learning--Flipped Classroom Pattern" and the "Build On It Term Paper Pattern" from the LEM library (see images below for reference). In addition, I've identified... Continue Reading →

My Design Patterns

What are my daily patterns? I am very much a creature of habit. There's something about routine I find comforting, though it is nice to break out of that occasionally. My daily patterns involve taking some time in the morning before everyone else is awake to prepare myself for the day: I meditate, check my... Continue Reading →

My Re-designed LEM

Here is my re-designed LEM based on the feedback I received from my peers. You can see original attempts at this model here and here. As a reminder, I am working on a short learning activity for an online creative nonfiction II course I am developing. I've taught the course in face-to-face format previously, so... Continue Reading →

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