Why did I decide that a study would be a good idea? I’m not even sure I know what I want to look for yet in this diss, but I need to get the IRB app in before the semester starts. I’m not always the most socially adept person anyway; I tend to let conversations just lapse in silence. . .and now I’m trying to come up with a list of questions to ask students in order to come up with valuable information in invention studies. . .and that list of questions has to be approved by a committee of people. . .who are probably just as inept as I in regular social settings.

I can’t even get my next-door neighbor to say hello on a regular basis. How am I going to convince students to open up to me about invention and prewriting processes. . .and be willing to share texts with the (4) people who will read my dissertation? Hmm. . .I need to find some examples of good interview questions. . .specifically about invention/prewriting/writing processes. And then I might be able to turn some of those questions in survey questions, too. Ahh, the joy of double-dipping information (for consistency and triangulation’s sake, of course).


On the bright side, I am actually doing some kind of work toward my dissertation, which also means i (kinda) have something to blog about, since the whole goal of my blog is for this to become an inter-chapter later.

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