Where have I been?

Interviewing students. Going through surveys. Yay! This means I’m actually doing work toward my dissertation on a (semi)consistent basis, despite my lack of posting. In addition to working on the embodiment collection article revision (I revised hard for a couple of days and now I’m waiting for more feedback from the editors. . .that sounds dirty, doesn’t it?), working on the Watson chapter with Bre and Jason (another blog to post to. good times), beginning to draft materials for the 4Cs workshop, doing more wedding stuff, going to yoga, not thinking about my Cs paper at all, deciding to move to Oklahoma after the wedding and not stay at Miami while finishing the diss and going on the job market. . . *gulp*. . .

Kate gave me an April 1 deadline to get this study chapter to her and I am bound and determined to stay on that schedule. April 1 is a Wednesday. Hmm.  Let’s do this.

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