The Substance of Style

is a series of essays (textual and video) by Matt Zoller Seitz that I ran across on the Moving Image Source, which critique and chronicle influences on Wes Anderson’s film-making.

The text is divided into 5 sections; I highly recommend watching the video essay rather than focusing only on the written text (which Seitz reads over the images anyway). Here’s part one in the series.

There’s something about this series that reminds me of the idea of exposing scaffolding, which Susan Mitchell discusses in her essay “Notes Toward a History of Scaffolding.” (Funny how the only link I could find directly related to the essay has nothing to do with the actual essay. really. at all.) There’s something to be said about these essays as a way of exposing the process of both Anderson, of course, and Seitz, in a Didion or Thompson-esque kind of way: show us what you think about this other person’s work and we’ll show you what you think about yourself.

Maybe I think too much about everything but what I should be thinking about.

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