EXACTLY have I been doing with my time? I mean, really. I’m all up on current events thanks to Google Reader, but I do not have a chapter draft, which was supposed to go to Kate on April 1. Ack. I’m refusing to draft it, I think, because I already know I won’t like the answers. . .and I don’t like the format. At all. I need to figure out a way to work the requirements of a study write-up into the genre of the essay, because that’s what I want this to be. . .it’s going to be the final chapter, after all. I hope. I hope. I hope.


That’s all I can do. Hope.


Yet here I sit, blogging, thinking about checking facebook and my reader feed to see what’s new. . .anything to avoid actually writing. Because I’m not sure I can do it. I’m not sure any of it makes sense, is worthwhile, contributes to any field, anywhere, anytime.


I sit here in a little glass-walled box with other grad students, 3 of whom are also working on their dissertations. . .and they actually look like they’re working on their dissertations. Of course, I look like I’m working on my diss right now, too, thanks to the tapping of the keyboard and the frown on my face. Of course there’s a frown. Otherwise, I am clearly doing something that is not contributing to the progress of the dissertation. Or something.


Really, I just want to go home, pet my dog, and wait for the Dancing With the Stars results show. Egads.

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