Time goes by and my dissertation. . .doesn’t. I have a job, which is yay, but also means I NEED TO FINISH.  SOON. I was in a writing groove way back before my trip to Louisville in the beginning of March. I got the new first two chapters done and off to Kate, and I’m much more confident about the project overall. Now I just have to finish this thing. I have about 19 1/2 pages of chapter 3, but I think I’ve hit a wall, and I’m not sure what to do to get over it. And I have to get over it.

I told Kate I’d send her chapter 3 on April 15 (or the end of that week at least, since April 15 is a Thursday), and then I’m going to send the first three chapters off to the rest of my committee, along with a request for their availability in June. Because that’s when I plan on defending. Which means I need to have a dissertation to defend. And we’re back to Argh.


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