A few more teaching notes

  1. Maybe it’s not just me. . .
  2. replace journal with “informal responses” that students turn in when they are due as homework in 1213.
  3. Keep the journal in 1113, but make sure to collect it every week.
  4. Require journals to be folders instead of notebooks, though the responses can be either typed or handwritten.
  5. move rhetorical analysis to 1213 next fall, and move place ethnography to 1113. If I do this, then that could lead to 5 library days in 1213 and 0 in 1113. . .maybe I do want to keep rhetorical analysis in 1113. . .hmmm. . .
  6. Add in required interview to place ethnography assignment in 1213 for spring, and move rhetorical analysis to third assignment in 1113 spring sections. Make analysis prompt more structured: either choose one speech to analyze or pick two ads or commercials to compare and contrast. Or maybe I want to go ahead and switch these assignments around next semester? Take a look at roster and see how many repeat students I have first.
  7. Start working with MLA citation and integrating sources sooner in 1213.
  9. Add in more structured prompts to personal essay assignment (maybe from past essay exam prompts)?
  10. Cut down number of prompts on op-ed assignment prompt.
  11. more in-class activities, less lecture. . .

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