New year. . .

New semester. So far, so good, it seems. I don’t feel too overwhelmed or out of place–yet–which means I’m already starting to see an improvement from my situation at the beginning of last semester. That being said, the grading hasn’t really started yet, so we’ll see how things go in about 3 weeks. Gulp.

So it looks like I can manage teaching 4 classes a semester; now, though, I need to start adding in the other responsibilities: service, on campus and off; scholarship, in the form of publications and conferences; other added faculty responsibilities, like the advising I will have to start doing next year (this summer?).

First order of business? Start thinking about sending off a couple of articles from my diss. I think I want to start with the pedagogy one, but I also think I want to see about having Sam(antha) listed as a co-author on the article. Hmm. . .need to call Kate.

Oh, and I need to finish unpacking, help Dave take care of the Norman house stuff, continue exercising, start cooking more, organize my home office, catch up on emails to friends, blog here regularly, create a faculty website for my SWOSU web space, FINALLY write those thank-you notes that have been looming over my head, and, I dunno, have a life? Start thinking about kids? Get Dave a PowerPro stapler for Valentine’s Day? ACK.

It never ends. . .is this what they meant when they sang “let the circle be unbroken?” A “circle” of responsibility? Hmm. . .

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