Spring break, anyone?

Well. . .it’s been awhile. As usual.

This week is spring break: Dave and I went to Colorado Springs for a long weekend. We went up to Pikes Peak (no apostrophe, which frustrates me a bit–it should be Pike’s Peak!) on a train; we visited the Garden of the Gods; we took a lantern tour of The Cave of the Winds; we shopped in Manitou Springs; we visited the casinos in Cripple Creek; and on the way home today, we visited The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX. It was a fantastic trip, and I feel like I have a better grasp of the “wild west” influence on this region, including Oklahoma. Eventually, I will post pictures. Really.

We came back a day early because Brownie wasn’t coping too well with being boarded (Sam and Katy were fine, of course): Brownie refused to eat, and she had an upset stomach most of the weekend. . .because we treated her like an animal (gasp) and put her IN A KENNEL. WITH OTHER DOGS. As if living with Sam and Katy wasn’t bad enough. . .I have ruined her, I know.

The goal for the rest of the week? Get caught up on EVERYTHING. *gulp* We’ll see how it goes. . .


2 thoughts on “Spring break, anyone?

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    1. I have to remember to post pictures soon! I finally uploaded the pics to my laptop, which is an accomplishment in itself.

      The cave tour wasn’t creepy, until the tour guide had us all extinguish our lights in the cave. . .a young woman (high school aged) on the tour started crying because it freaked her out. The interesting thing, though, was the fact that there were a ton of little orbs in the pictures from the cave. It’s probably a trick of the flash from the camera, but the guide did have a few ghost stories to tell. . .

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