I’m teaching a creative nonfiction workshop this semester, which excites me and makes me nervous. This is the first upper-level course I’ve taught at my current university, and it is populated mostly with graduating seniors, who, though good students, are more focused on getting the heck out of here than on the intricacies of my lesson plans. Also? I think I may be overdoing it with the amount of reading they have to do as opposed to the amount of writing they will produce. It’s a process, of course, and I think everything will even out once we get into a routine. More importantly, though, is a challenge I’m giving myself.

I want to write alongside my students in this class. Every time I give them a prompt, I hope to write in response to it, too. Unfortunately, I’m a little behind on the writing. Time to get caught up.

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    1. Most of them are majors, but I do have one Theatre major, one Interdisciplinary Studies major, and one Undecided (but he’s taken quite a few English classes so far).

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