The greatest invention in the world?

As an icebreaker in my comp II class this semester, I asked students what they considered the greatest invention in the history of the world. I was inspired by  this guy, who believes the greatest invention is writing, which I discussed with students after we shared our answers with each other.

My answer to the question? I was torn between two answers:

On one hand, I think the printing press was a pretty important moment (duh, I know). Without this invention, how would we disseminate information to large amounts of people? Without the printing press first, I don’t think we would ever have made it to the idea of the internet (uh, hello, the blogging service I use is wordpress).

On the other hand. . .pants. Simple but true. After twelve years of Catholic school and the accompanying uniform skirts, I really appreciate being able to cover my legs with fabric, for warmth and for the ability to sit on tables when I teach without worrying about covering things up.

While I like to think of myself as a sophisticated academic at times, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Pants it is.

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