College taught me. . .

Due to snow, we rearranged the schedule for this week in my creative nonfiction class and spent some time just writing today. I put this idea generator up on the screen in class and we used it as a starting point. It was a rapid-fire kind of thing; I put a new prompt up every 5 minutes or so and if the prompt struck people, they wrote in response. If somebody wanted to focus on one prompt for a longer period of time, they could choose to do so, too.

The prompt that struck me the most was “College taught you. . .” Here’s my list:

College taught me

What not to do/To think/ But not too hard/ To go to more basketball games/ That I am too nice sometimes/That, despite everything, I don’t want to leave the college campus setting anytime soon/Who I think I am isn’t always who I’m meant to be/To appreciate owning a washer & dryer/How to cry openly/When it is appropriate to tuck my tail and run/The power of the Big Blue Nation/ That nothing could prepare me for grad school/My breaking point in a relationship/ The importance of just jumping in sometimes/That I am a homebody/A fondness for hockey/That there’s so much more I will never know out there. . .

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