EXACTLY have I been doing with my time? I mean, really. I'm all up on current events thanks to Google Reader, but I do not have a chapter draft, which was supposed to go to Kate on April 1. Ack. I'm refusing to draft it, I think, because I already know I won't like the... Continue Reading →

Hmm. . .

"unconscious cerebration": Phrase used to describe the views of a school of invention dubbed the "new romantics" by Richard Young in "Concepts of Art and the Teaching of Writing" (I'm reading the text in Landmark Essays on Rhetorical Invention, edited (not coincidentally) by Richard Young and Yameng Liu. I like it. Even though I know... Continue Reading →

Transcribing. . .

is finally finished! Crikey, it took forever for those 6 interviews. . .I know I could have sent them to a transcription service, but that's expensive and I figured I might as well listen to them all a few times over. Now what? The chapter itself looms darkly overhead, already a week overdue to my... Continue Reading →

What am I doing now?

Only what I've been putting up for a couple of weeks now. . .transcribing student interviews. I know I could send them out to be transcribed, but there are weird encryption issues thanks to the kind of DVR I used. . .and it's good practice. So I'm transcribing. And I'm really not good at it. At... Continue Reading →

4C’s presentation

Here's the proposal I submitted to Cs: Essaying (a) Place in Invention Studies This presentation identifies the topos of place as integral to theoretical discussions of invention and prewriting processes in order to reconsider the ways in which composition teachers discuss invention and prewriting strategies with students. Historically, invention and prewriting theorists such as Patricia... Continue Reading →

Initial observations from the 225 surveys

12/16 (17) students filled out survey-approximately 1/3 left at least one question blank, and the questions left blank most often were the definitions. Most people took it because it was required by their major/program; 1 person took it on the recommendation of a pre-law adviser; a few people took it to develop their writing skills... Continue Reading →

Where have I been?

Interviewing students. Going through surveys. Yay! This means I'm actually doing work toward my dissertation on a (semi)consistent basis, despite my lack of posting. In addition to working on the embodiment collection article revision (I revised hard for a couple of days and now I'm waiting for more feedback from the editors. . .that sounds... Continue Reading →

Need to do this week (as in by Sunday 12/15)

Miraculously finish the place of place chapter by tomorrow at 5pm. Or: Get through the topoi section by tomorrow at 5pm. Meet Kate at 3 Trees tomorrow at 5pm, with chapter, prospectus, and interview questions in tow. Begin emailing 225-ers to set up interviews: shoot for 5 interviews now. Read and comment on Kate S.'s manuscript. Figure... Continue Reading →

Guess what I found?

A "Topoi" widget over on Widgetbox, which was apparently developed by the writing program at USC (Southern Cal and not South Carolina, I do believe). You can post it on Myspace, Facebook, iGoogle, various blogging platforms. . .huh. Check it out:

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