Critiquing Learning Environment Models

I've decided to get some feedback on this short model, which is supposed to be a learning activity for an asynchronous online creative nonfiction II course I am developing. I have taught this course previously in a face-to-face environment and am working on transitioning it into a new space. This model came out of a... Continue Reading →

Identifying Opportunities for Using LEM

I've decided to divide this post into the different responsibilities I have both professionally and personally. As a faculty member who teaches, I could use LEM in the following ways: to develop new classes in both online and face-to-face formats; to transition an existing class into a new environment (from face-to-face to online or vice... Continue Reading →

LEM Step-by-Step Practice

  For this first go at LEM, I will be modeling the introductory week module in an online Creative Nonfiction II class that I am currently developing. I've taught the class before in a face-to-face setting, but now I'll be turning this into an online asynchronous learning environment. The outcomes/objectives for this module are two-fold:... Continue Reading →

Gallery of Learning Environment Insights

I decided to fancy up the presentation of images here, and I went with some unusual choices, I know. Given the fact that my previous blog post includes some more conventional spaces, I wanted to expand my thinking. I went with completely informal spaces in this slideshow, I just realized, though I suppose the writing center... Continue Reading →

Types of Learning Environments

I apologize for the delay in posting this. It's been that kind of week (too much going on and not enough time to get it all done). Here's my shot at identifying different learning environments. We'll see how this goes.   Community Learning Environment: This is a screenshot of my Twitter feed.  I think when used to... Continue Reading →

I’m back…sorta

While my main site goes through some updates, I'll be using this blog again as part of an online certification I'm going through to become a Certified Learning Environment Architect (CLEA). Find out more about what I'm talking about here.


Remember how I mentioned creating a new website over the summer thanks to a student who is interested in responsive web design? Well, it's still in development, but is starting to shape up nicely. Once we've put together everything as we want it, I'll be moving my blogging over to the site. In other... Continue Reading →

Spring semester notes

It's been a crazy busy semester this spring, and I'm in the middle of final grading right now...which explains why I'm posting, right? Some spring semester notes (teaching related primarily, but also a bit of a hodge-podge): Never, ever, ever will I ever agree to multiple independent studies in the same semester; I ended up... Continue Reading →

Interesting (and exciting) contest here…

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

CheeseIron Horse Literary Review has announced its first annual Video Competition, with generous prize money:

We’re looking for digital essays, stories, and poems—videos that combine visual art and sound with original written texts in artistically beautiful ways. This is a relatively new form, but already some great examples have been published. Check out the links below to see some great video compositions in Rattapallax and TriQuarterly. You don’t need any better submission guidelines than these examples from two great journals.​

The winner will receive $400; and one finalist will receive $150. We will publish the winning video and the finalist on our Web site and in an upcoming DVD issue, and we will screen both videos at the Spring 2013 Iron Horse Gala in April.

Example Essays and Details HERE



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