Critiquing Learning Environment Models


I’ve decided to get some feedback on this short model, which is supposed to be a learning activity for an asynchronous online creative nonfiction II course I am developing. I have taught this course previously in a face-to-face environment and am working on transitioning it into a new space. This model came out of a previous assignment in which I created my first LEM (see here). That model ended up becoming three different models, and this is the last model I created from that work. My worry here is that there’s not enough detail in the model to make sense, and I wonder if I need to add a practice block with feedback between the dialogue and evidence blocks to help guide students a bit more.  Have at it!

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  1. Good morning. Yes, I would probably add some guided practice to the model to support them. It also would be a good formative assessment to provide information to the instructor regarding the students’ understanding of the content. I think it is clear enough to understand. I think I could take it and follow it to teach from if I had the content background. Nicely done.

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