Identifying Opportunities for Using LEM

I’ve decided to divide this post into the different responsibilities I have both professionally and personally.

As a faculty member who teaches, I could use LEM in the following ways:

  • to develop new classes in both online and face-to-face formats;
  • to transition an existing class into a new environment (from face-to-face to online or vice versa);
  • to evaluate the approach I take in current classes;
  • to reconfigure modules or assignments that don’t seem as effective as they once were;
  • to develop new assignments or modules for students that incorporate as many of the blocks as necessary;
  • to think about how often and what kinds of feedback I currently provide to students;
  • to identify new places in existing courses where feedback opportunities could be integrated.

As a writing center coordinator, I could use LEM in these ways:

  • to evaluate the effectiveness of current tutor training;
  • to incorporate more online elements into the training as necessary;
  • to evaluate the ways in which the current physical space of the writing center helps and/or hinders tutor-writer interaction;
  • to train tutors to think of each session as its own learning environment opportunity;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of our current asynchronous online tutoring model;
  • to consider ways to develop another synchronous online tutoring approach;
  • to offer a concrete model that shows administrators why we might need new facilities or more funding for specific ventures;
  • to make transparent to the SWOSU community (faculty and students) how writing center sessions work.

As a parent, I could use LEM for these purposes:

  • to evaluate the physical space in which my son lives and plays;
  • to consider the ways in which my interactions with my son affect his sense of being and learning in the world;
  • to better understand the ways in which his other care providers/teachers are attempting to help him learn;
  • to better understand what works best for my son to truly learn and understand information and concepts.

For the record, I don’t see myself actually creating a visual LEM related to parenting my son, but I think this kind of thinking will help me reconsider things I might have taken for granted or gone with more passively as a relatively new parent otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Identifying Opportunities for Using LEM

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  1. You so smart!

    I like the idea of feedback and wonder if LEM could help us (the department) build and review assessments not only for individual classes, but also for the major and minor programs and how that would work.

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