what have I done today, exactly?

  1. yoga from 8-9. might have been my most productive hour all day.
  2. made a stab at cleaning out my myMiami inbox. . .though there’s still 5 pages worth of messages to get through.
  3. perused Google reader. rinse. repeat.
  4. checked other emails. . .
  5. see #3.
  6. read maybe 3 pages of E.W. Harrington’s Rhetoric and the Scientific Method of Inquiry.
  7. google chatted with ab and wio.
  8. back to #4. followed by #3.
  9. lunch.
  10. wrote footnote based on Harrington.
  11. 3 more pages of Harrington.
  12. helloooo, #3.
  13. more #4: need addresses for wedding invitations.
  14. facebook messaged friends for addresses. got more responses via facebook than email.
  15. watched Meryl Streep’s great SAG acceptance speech from last night.
  16. loved Meryl.
  17. #3, where art thou?
  18. found one book I need.
  19. cursed another book that has consistently not been in the stacks or sorting areas.
  20. re-checked catalog for missing text. pretty sure it will be marked LOST soon.
  21. realized this blog is once again woefully neglected. vow to blog about something.
  22. and here you go. . .
  23. back to #3.
  24. but first:

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