My Re-designed LEM

Here is my re-designed LEM based on the feedback I received from my peers. You can see original attempts at this model here and here. As a reminder, I am working on a short learning activity for an online creative nonfiction II course I am developing. I’ve taught the course in face-to-face format previously, so part of this is a transition into a different space.

This LEM represents a short activity I originally envisioned happening in the introductory week of the course. I now think it might need to be moved into week 2, as I’ve expanded the model a bit. Originally, I saw this as a short activity: students read example 6-word memoirs and then create their own memoirs to share with each other as a kind of introductory writing exercise. This isn’t meant as a major project, by any means, but it is a part of a larger discussion of flash nonfiction as a genre. I’ve expanded this model to allow for more discussion and practice before students create and post their own memoirs. I decided to follow up the evidence block with a final discussion that connects this exercise to the larger genre we’ll be discussing.

I look forward to your feedback. I hope the model is readable; I had some trouble laying the text on some of the images.

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