Using LEM Design Patterns

I decided to focus on a typical writing project module in a face-to-face writing classroom for my environment, since that’s what and where I usually teach. I was inspired by the “Blended Learning–Flipped Classroom Pattern” and the “Build On It Term Paper Pattern” from the LEM library (see images below for reference). In addition, I’ve identified two common patterns to teaching writing: 1. a more traditional lecture-based approach that requires more out-of-class writing from students (the third image) and 2. a completely flipped classroom approach in which students spend the majority of their time in class working on their projects while the instructor supervises and works with individual students as needed. This is the final image, and it is inspired by the first three pattern images in different ways. My goal was to move from a more traditional writing classroom into a pattern that more accurately represents what I hope my writing classes emulate.


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