Design Pattern Notebook Templates

This was an interesting and humbling exercise for me. In theory, I figured I would prefer the pen and paper approach to modeling as opposed to using digital tools. I did like having the ability to write and erase as needed, but I found that this approach made me a bit sloppier in my work. For example, on some of the templates, I inadvertently used the action arrow instead of the facilitator arrow, and I forgot to include an end dot on my first written-out pattern. I did not realize this until looking at the images for this post, and I don’t have the ability or time to go back and re-do the work on a white board. This might be because I’ve grown accustomed to doing my modeling work via Power Point, or it could be because it’s almost finals…I’m going to hope for the best here and offer a mea culpa instead. I also left out objective bubbles, which I didn’t even consider until just now writing this sentence. Argh. Finally, I could not for the life of me find a yellow expo marker to use, so I had to use orange in lieu of yellow. I tried, but nada.

I do like having pattern templates now, even though I know they will need some revision. I also elected to use a couple of LEMs I’ve already created as patterns in this post. I hope that is okay. They were initially created for  other reasons, but after thinking about the work, I realized they were appropriate to use as patterns of the kind of work I tend to do in class.

I tried to get a mix of face-to-face and online in here, too.

1. Week “Zero” introduction to the class module for online courses (first created and revised as part of my work on a creative nonfiction II online course).


2. Flipped classroom writing assignment module for a face-to-face classroom (first created for this assignment).


3. Day one introduction to class in a face-to-face class (I decided to create this pattern since I did an analogous one for an online course already, and I tend to use the same structure in all of my courses). This begins my work on a white board. Apologies in advance for the quality of the pictures. Yes, I’m missing the end dot, and the dashed lines are supposed to be dotted lines to show facilitator action.


4. One class session learning activity in a face-to-face classroom (This is a simpler pattern I often employ over and over in a larger process toward a major writing project in my writing courses. Students seem to appreciate the consistency of the pattern.). Again, the dashes should be dots for facilitator action.


5. Weekly module pattern for an online course (for me, that usually means Intro to Film) (This is a typical pattern, but I struggled with the end. The evidence could vary–it could be a writing assignment or quiz, depending, and I wrote that on the board. Is that okay since this is meant to be a pattern that could be used in different courses?).




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