Adapting LEM Design Patterns

I decided to work with Renae’s “Improvement of Reading Classroom” pattern, as I often teach “Fundamentals of English,” which is our basic writing course, and I think the pattern she uses could be adapted nicely for the Fundamentals classroom.

Here’s the original pattern from Renae:


Here’s how I modified the pattern for a face-to-face Fundamentals of English class that typically requires the bulk of the writing work to be done during class. I moved the initial concept introduction to online asynchronous, and then changed the evidence block in Renae’s original into a discussion block in which students share their drafts in a status report presentation to the class, followed by turning in the actual draft as the evidence block online through our LMS drop box. Once again, orange markings are meant to represent the classroom environment, as I did not have access to a yellow expo marker during my work. I did this as a pen and paper model to try out the method one more time.



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