Why did I decide that a study would be a good idea? I'm not even sure I know what I want to look for yet in this diss, but I need to get the IRB app in before the semester starts. I'm not always the most socially adept person anyway; I tend to let conversations... Continue Reading →

Things I Like

Online databases: yay, jstor. Annotated bibliographic essays. . .on invention resources. Feeling as though I did accomplish something today. A sleepy mini-dachshund/hot water bottle lounging on my lap as I type. Having a wedding date set. Lunch with friends. Jooboo's Gems. Gossip Girl. Not missing the deadline for my first-ever publication. Re-organizing my closets/rooms/online files... Continue Reading →

Day Two

I am in the second day of my written comprehensive exam. The written exam at Miami involves me choosing one question from a list generated by my exam committee and writing a 15-25 page essay in response to that question based on my special topic reading list (which I created). I have a week to... Continue Reading →


is it so difficult to keep up with a blog? This blog seems like a good idea, especially for someone like myself who is currently in the throes of reading for comprehensive exams  and thinking about my dissertation: the archival features of blogs, combined with the flexibility of the space (informal or formal, all kinds of different... Continue Reading →

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