What to do this summer?

I have some ideas. write deep clean the house write unpack the spare room (finally) write make that spare room livable write try my hand at gardening. . .if the rain ever comes back to western Oklahoma write plan classes for next year blog (gotcha) do some redecorating (I have big plans for you, main... Continue Reading →

Why, hello. . .

It's been a while. I just turned in final grades for my spring courses, which means summer is here for me (other than a few end-of-semester faculty obligations and going to commencement on Saturday). And I am not teaching this summer, which means more time for writing! Yay! Maybe I'll finally be able to keep... Continue Reading →

I need

to get out of this writing funk. Everything was progressing along and then. . .BAM. Chapters 1-3 are drafted, I have 2 inter-chapters kinda drafted and ideas for the other 2. . .but chapter 4 looms over me. I just. can't. do. it. Can't bring myself to write anything. It's like I'm overwhelmed by choices... Continue Reading →

Bad idea?

I'm starting to wonder if keeping a blog as part of my dissertation was a bad idea. I have lazy tendencies when it comes to writing regularly. I thought keeping a blog might help counteract that fact; instead, my Catholic guilt bubbles over in multiple writing sites. . . My husband and I saw Julie... Continue Reading →

After a long absence

Something I've learned today: hyperbaton=figure of speech which involves separating words that naturally belong together for emphasis. metalepsis=figure of speech which chains together references from other figures of speech or references a part of a figure of speech to make a point. catachresis= can be either intentional or unintentional use of word that is radically different... Continue Reading →


EXACTLY have I been doing with my time? I mean, really. I'm all up on current events thanks to Google Reader, but I do not have a chapter draft, which was supposed to go to Kate on April 1. Ack. I'm refusing to draft it, I think, because I already know I won't like the... Continue Reading →

33 pages

Really, 33 1/8 pages written, all for chapter 2 the "place of place in invention studies" chapter, which could potentially be a monster-long one. I'm starting to think that the section about Bizzell and LeFevre (Inventing a Place for Myself) might end up being introduction material. Nothing wrong with that, right? Of course, I still... Continue Reading →

what have I done today, exactly?

yoga from 8-9. might have been my most productive hour all day. made a stab at cleaning out my myMiami inbox. . .though there's still 5 pages worth of messages to get through. perused Google reader. rinse. repeat. checked other emails. . . see #3. read maybe 3 pages of E.W. Harrington's Rhetoric and the Scientific Method of... Continue Reading →

So. . .

it's been awhile. I am a bad graduate student. Or maybe I'm typical. Either way, NO PROGRESS.  D'oh.  What have I been doing? Teaching last semester: ENG 225 was great, ENG 111 I'm not sure of. Hopefully, my thoughts and feelings about 225 will be reflected in the surveys that were distributed and some of... Continue Reading →

Oh yeah

I should be posting, right? Hmm. . .classes have begun. I'm teaching 111 and my 225 course around the theme of essays and invention. . .we'll see how things go. So far, so good on both accounts. I'm really starting to think about how blogs might be considered a new form of nonfiction literature, and... Continue Reading →

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