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what I miss right now? Doing my own work. Writing. Feeling inspired to be a researcher. Making progress. Attempting to publish, or at least dreaming of doing it one day. Exercising. Eating well. Watching Glee. Watching NCIS. Talking on the phone with friends and family who are many, many miles away.  Feeling like I have... Continue Reading →

After a long absence

Something I've learned today: hyperbaton=figure of speech which involves separating words that naturally belong together for emphasis. metalepsis=figure of speech which chains together references from other figures of speech or references a part of a figure of speech to make a point. catachresis= can be either intentional or unintentional use of word that is radically different... Continue Reading →

The Substance of Style

is a series of essays (textual and video) by Matt Zoller Seitz that I ran across on the Moving Image Source, which critique and chronicle influences on Wes Anderson's film-making. The text is divided into 5 sections; I highly recommend watching the video essay rather than focusing only on the written text (which Seitz reads... Continue Reading →

what have I done today, exactly?

yoga from 8-9. might have been my most productive hour all day. made a stab at cleaning out my myMiami inbox. . .though there's still 5 pages worth of messages to get through. perused Google reader. rinse. repeat. checked other emails. . . see #3. read maybe 3 pages of E.W. Harrington's Rhetoric and the Scientific Method of... Continue Reading →

yoga and remembered rapture

Writer's block would be putting it mildly. . .I am avoiding the dissertation, completely and totally. Even though I am sitting here in the library with my fellow dissertators, who I know are being productive. Meanwhile, I'm perusing google reader, checking email and facebook, and thinking about insignificant wedding details. How did I make it... Continue Reading →

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